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  • 1-2 Year Old & Parents

    Meet and connect once a week with other parents and their toddlers to get your questions answered by our licensed parent educator in these ongoing ECFE classes. This is the perfect way to meet other parents, learn from others, and discover what is right for you and your family with the guidance of a parent educator and research-based information. Enjoy playing and learning with your toddler as you sing songs, read books, and get your fingers into art, and more! Non-separating classes: #202, #205. Gradual-separating classes: #201, #204, #206. For an evening options, see classes #110, #207,  in our Evening section.
  • 10 Tips for Successfully Selling Your Home in any market

    Learn how to determine the value of your property in today's market. Assess the differences between a seller’s market and a buyer’s market, and understand the seasonality and cyclical nature inherent to the market. Discover the repairs and improvements that will offer the best return on investment, learn about the value of staging, and become familiar with the process of working with contractors. Define the key ways to identify a good agent versus a bad agent. Leave the class feeling empowered and prepared to sell your home successfully!
  • 2-3 Year Olds & Parents

    There is so much fun to be had as your child interacts with the world at ever-increasing levels! Listen to the giggles as you and your toddler enjoy creative activities, sing songs, play with toys, explore new art forms, and more! Each week, the parent educator will lead discussions on topics you are most interested in, such as sharing, routines and rituals, temper tantrums, toilet learning, and child development.
  • 3-5 Year Olds & Parents

    Your child is exploring his growing independence. This class will give your child opportunities to practice social skills, cooperative activities, reading, art, sensory experiences, stories, science, and more that will enhance their other preschool experiences. Your child's classroom will have interesting learning stations that will engage them while they develop school readiness skills.Parents have a unique opportunity to develop strong connections with other Hopkins Public Schools parents and learn strategies to support their child’s readiness for elementary school in this class.  Discussion topics include sibling rivalry, overindulgence, your child's temperament, healthy communication, setting limits, and more.At the beginning of each class, children and parents play in a classroom environment designed to promote children’s exploration, curiosity and discovery. Following time together, parents meet in a separate classroom with a licensed parent educator for discussion on topics related to child development, parenting and school readiness. Your child remains in the classroom during this time with a licensed early childhood teacher and engages in activities that support love of learning and preparation for kindergarten.These classes are separating
  • 3rd Lair Skateboard Clinic

    The 3rd Lair skateboard instructional programs have been a part of MN skateboarding development for 18 years. We are the originals, offering the most well trained instructors, and a proven reputation for success. Perfect class for the beginner or seasoned skateboarder. Equipment is provided if needed, otherwise you are free to bring your own too.  Located at the Hopkins Overpass Skate Park, 100 Washington Ave S, Hopkins, MN 55343
  • A Northern Italian Dinner

    Our evening feast will start with two classic appetizers, the first using prosciutto ham and mozzarella cheese (Spiedini alla Romana) and the secondis prosciutto wrapped melon to whet your appetite.We’ll learn how to create two creamy risottos using Arborio rice, both the classic white risotto featuring the magnificent freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese as well as risotto with dried porcini mushrooms. A winter vegetable dish (Cicorie alla Griglia) highlights grilled Belgian endives although zucchini, bell peppers and onions are also be prepared in a similar manner. Our main dish is the popular Chicken Cacciatora (Pollo alla Cacciatora). And to wrap up the evening, we’ll master the sumptuous twice-baked almond cookie, Biscotti.
  • About Face

    Engage in portrait drawing from live models, using conventional drawing mediums such ascharcoal, conte crayon, and graphite, as well as charcoal dust, monochromatic oils, erasers, inks,brushes, sticks, fingers, rags, clay, and Q-tips. In preparation for quick decision-making that is informedand confident- the instructor will initially introduce each new medium didactically; demonstrations, andvarious examples of techniques used by artists- historically and modern- will be presented. We willconsider things like achieving accuracy with regards to anatomy and proportion, documenting a degreeof "likeness" to the sitter, as well as specific tips on capturing each subject's unique essence.Engagement in quick-paced studies, and the fostering of unique independent voices are heartilyencouraged. Focus on drawing the portrait through a traditional, classicallens. Loosely following traditional Atelier methods, in combination with equally successful approaches toobservational drawing, students will begin by copying Charles Barques drawings in charcoal, move on todrawing realistic head casts, and finally graduate to working from a live model. Traditional approachesto formal portraiture such as grisaille under-painting, and color theory-informed flesh tones will becovered, as students learn about traditional portrait painting: how it was done, and how it can still bedone within a contemporary environment.
  • Absolutely Amazing Drawings with Young Rembrandts

    We believe that drawing is the bedrock skill required for future artistic success.  Students will gain skills to express their creativity, increase their art abilities, all while learning skills, self-confidence and self-esteem.  This class will teach the basics to advanced drawing skills, art techniques and vocabulary. 
  • Acrylic Painting

    Let's build a painting! Bring your ideas for a subject and style you'd like to paint. Work on how to build that painting from the canvas all the way up to the varnish. Learn which brushes and paint additives make it possible to paint thin strokes like a watercolor artist, or with thick strokes like an Impressionist. Products and brushes will be available in class so you can experiment with layers of color and texture. Develop your personal color palette from soft and muted to bright and bold. Learn the theory that makes paintings pop!Supply List: • Stretched canvas or canvas board: size 16 x 20 recommended, one or more as needed. • Four Acrylic Tube Paints I recommend these pigments for best results: (red) Cadmium Red, (blue) Ultramarine Blue, (yellow) Cadmium Yellow Medium, (white) Zinc or Titanium. You may want to purchase more colors later. Paper plates or disposable palette pad 2 Brushes: 1/2 inch filbert. 2 Containers for water (can or jar) Small/Partial roll of paper towels
  • Acupressure Face Lift

    Here's a facelift you can do at home. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method that works with the energy that flows through your body. Stimulating facial acupressure points can help erase years from your face naturally, bring a healthy glow to your skin, increase muscle tone, decrease puffiness and eye bags, reduce lines and prevent new lines from forming, even decrease headaches, relieve eye strain, soothe nerves, and increase relaxation. Learn how to make your skin as healthy as possible from the inside out.
  • Adjustable Memory Wire Charm Bracelet

    Learn to make a personalized beaded charm bracelet. You can add beads and purchased charms to make it completely your own work of art. Because its memory wire, this bracelet will hold its shape without bending or becoming disfigured.Tools and Materials needed:*Memory wire - bracelet size*memory wire shears*Round nose pliers*Chain nose or flat nose pliers*24-26 4mm beads of your choice*Misc charms and dangles, ready-made
  • Adult Ballet for All Levels

    Join us for classical ballet training for all skill levels. Improve posture and create long lean muscles with ballet training. Experience the beauty of ballet. Learn proper technique with barre work, stretching, and combinations. Wear fitted clothing and ballet shoes in class.  No discounts.
  • Adult Trips: A Grand Christmas

    Step back in time for a tour of the Alexander Ramsey House decorated for the 1875 Christmas season. Enjoy lunch at the popular Tavern on Grand.Menu choices:1. Walleye Basket: battered, deep-fried walleye fillet, seasoned tavern fries, cole slaw, beverage, ice cream.2. Grilled Chicken Breast, seasoned tavern fries, cole slaw, beverage, ice creamArrive at the St. Paul Cathedral for a guided tour of this historic building. Registration deadline: November 19, 2018 Limit: 12Wednesday, December 12, 7:45am–3:30pm  $70
  • Adult Trips: Duluth’s North Shore Scenic Railroad

    Depart on the historic coaches of the North Shore Scenic Railroad from the Duluth Depot to Two Harbors. View the colorful shoreline of Lake Superior while enjoying an included box lunch. Depart the depot for stops at the Great Lakes Candy Kitchen and Russ Kendall’s Smoke Fish House.Registration Deadline August 20, 2018Hopkins Community Education 952-988-4070Hopkins Activity Center 952-939-1333 or activitycenter@hopkinmn.comPickup Maetzold Field, Hopkins
  • Adult Trips: Evening with Groucho at the Sheldon Theater, Red Wing

    Enjoy lunch at the St.James Hotel in Red Wing. Arrive at the Sheldon Theatre for the matinee comedy performance "Evening with Groucho", a portrayal of the legendary comdeian, Groucho Marx. Registration deadline is October 1, 2018, Limit 12.  
  • Adult Trips: Fall Color Great River Road & National Eagle Center, Wabasha MN

    Enjoy a colorful drive along the Great Mississippi River Route with a stop at Pepin Heights Apple Orchard. Enjoy an included lunch at Bluffs Restaurant at the Coffee Mill Golf Course. Visit the National Eagle Center for an educational presentation, exhibits and bring your binoculars to the viewing platform. Travel along the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River with a stop at Nelson Cheese store. Registration Deadline September 24, 2018   Hopkins Community Education 952-988-4070Hopkins Activity Center 952-939-1333 or activitycenter@hopkinmn.comPickup Maetzold Field, Hopkins
  • Adult Trips: Fly Over America

    “Fly Over America” is a must-see, virtual flight attraction at the Mall of America. Experience special effects of wind, scents and mist that make you feel like you are truly flying. Take time to explore the stores. Enjoy a petite luncheon at The Radisson Blu Fire Lake Grill House.Registration Deadline October 23, 2018Hopkins Community Education 952-988-4070Hopkins Activity Center 952-939-1333 or activitycenter@hopkinmn.comPickup Maetzold Field, Hopkins
  • Adult Trips: Saint Paul Gangsters & Cave Tour

    Enjoy a buffet gangster luncheon in the Wabasha Street Caves dining room. Venture through the caves and streets of St. Paul during its roaring hoodlum heyday with a costumed gangster tour guide.Registration Deadline October 1, 2018Hopkins Community Education 952-988-4070Hopkins Activity Center 952-939-1333 or activitycenter@hopkinmn.comPickup Maetzold Field, Hopkins
  • Advanced Beginner Ballet For Adults

    This is an Advanced Beginner Ballet class, designed for those who have some or limited dance experience! Ballet is excellent training for body awareness, cardio health, and countering the collapse that can happen with aging. There are all ages in this class. It is helpful to have some ballet background for this intermediate level. We follow the classic structure of a ballet class and modify for the various needs of individuals. Come and check us out! It is never too late to dance! No discounts.