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  • 7 Steps to Reverse or Prevent Diabesity

    Diabesity is a condition in which too much belly fat leads a person to symptoms ranging from mild blood sugar imbalance to full blown diabetes. Whether you have a little extra weight around the middle, insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes, the root cause of ALL these conditions are the same - problems with our diet, lifestyle and exposure to environmental toxins. Most treatments focus on the downstream symptoms (elevated levels of glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides) and never get to WHY your levels are too high and how to change it. The good news is all of this can be reversed. Learn how to work with your doctor to help restore your body to health.
  • A Healing Path to a More Creative Life

    To achieve or maintain a sustainable, thriving creative practice, you will experience a “crooked path”. Many of us have suffered so many disappointments and difficulties along the way —both small and large— that we are left with what we call a “damaged heart” or “inner child” that needs repair. This damaged part of us can generate experiences that range from simple feelings of burn out to a total collapse of productivity. In extreme cases, various forms of self-sabotage can emerge that impact our overall well-being. We may have struggled for years to overcome criticisms, or even outright assaults, to our creative identity, efforts, and outcomes. We may yearn for the significant portion of our artistic desire, inner strength, and creative potency that appears to have been lost or never found. The journey to restore your Creative Potential will mend the “Broken Artist” that dwells inside you. You will renew your hopes and dreams, as well as engage your challenges and shortcomings. It is an inner journey of earnest self-discovery, where you must face fearlessly the heroic tests you find there. Fortunately, there is a holistic process —Holistic Creativity— to follow that will help you heal your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Body and restore you to wholeness. If you undertake this transformational journey with devotion and discipline, you can repair and restore the inner wellspring that fuels your artistic capabilities. Expand your current horizons and reach amazing new possibilities! This live, highly interactive, small-sized class provides ample opportunity for you to receive personalized attention, while learning to engage the universal principles of healing that impact all creative people.
  • Acupressure and Other Tools For Women 35 And Older

    Acupressure is an ancient healing art that can offer great relief, with no side effects, from symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, bloating, headaches, irritability, nausea, insomnia, anxiety and even weight gain. Learn which points balance hormone levels naturally, including thyroid hormones. Acupressure is a wonderful self-help tool that will help you feel your best. We will discuss breathing techniques, nutritional musts, and more.
  • Acupressure to Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia & More

    Acupressure is an ancient healing art and self-help tool. It can offer great relief with no side effects and help you feel your best. Along with the specific points to help relieve stress, insomnia, anxiety, irritability and even weight gain, learn the Nine Master Pressure Points which are the most helpful and most frequently prescribed to help and assist every system in your body.
  • De-Age Your Brain

    Current research shows lifestyle and diet have a big effect on HOW the brain ages. Cognitive function, which covers all aspects of perceiving, thinking and reasoning, CAN improve. And the very good news is no matter what your age there are things you can begin to do today to improve how quickly and effectively brain cells communicate with each other. We’ll discuss which ‘superfoods’ reduce the damaging effects of toxins and inflammation on the brain and which nutrients are great for memory, attention, processing information and reducing stress. You will learn simple, easy to implement strategies to help your brain stay healthy and alert.
  • Hips, Thighs & Otherwise

    If you’ve noticed hip/thigh/butt spread, you are not alone. We have become a nation of professional sitters, causing lower body muscles to weaken and sag. In this workshop, you will learn: my famous ‘10 Minute Miracle Exercise’ series to strengthen lower body muscles quickly and, in the process, increase metabolism and bone density; decrease 2 inches off saddlebag area in 2 weeks; trim inches off lower body by getting rid of excess water weight; breathing technique to stimulate fat metabolism; acupressure points for lymph circulation and drainage. If you don’t have time, money, or inclination to haul yourself to a gym, you will love these powerful and effective techniques. You will need a resistance band, tied in a loop for some of the exercises.
  • Improve Your Health at Any Age

    Every day, your body makes about 330 billion new cells which means 3.8 million cells are replaced every SECOND! This means every second is an opportunity to make every system in your body healthier. The quality of cell your body can produce this second is very dependent on what raw materials you have floating around your bloodstream. Studies show you can be 50 and have the physiology of a 30-year-old (and vice versa), depending on how well you take care of yourself. What you do now greatly affects your health and well-being now and in the future. Nothing beats good health! We’ll discuss simple steps you can take now to help make every system in your body as healthy as possible.
  • Mindfulness Techniques for Creative Practice

    Both Neuroscience and Mysticism confirm that there exists an optimum state-of-mind for all stages of the creative process, including harnessing inspiration, analyzing opportunities, cultivating original ideas, developing techniques, or producing and disseminating work. Now you can discover a simple-yet-powerful process that can transform your creative practice which takes as little as 5 minutes a day. In this live, highly experiential class, you will explore inspiring, effective methods of spiritual practices that can revitalize your creative process. Small improvements in your daily routine can help you achieve higher states of conscious awareness and strengthen the relationship between your deepest desires, your sense of purpose, and your ability to take meaningful creative action. A holistic approach to Creativity can help you remove creative blocks, reawaken inspiration, and sharpen cognitive thinking. Learn how to use acoustic meditation, simple body-awareness movements, and other stimulating sensory-based exercises to entrain your brain-waves for optimum Creativity.
  • Multi-Dimensional Reiki

    Take a quantum leap forward in your energy healing/Reiki practice! In this in-depth training session, you will learn to work more trans-personally within the auric and quantum energy fields to effect profound healing change for both your in-person and remote clients. We will practice new techniques, like “vortexing,” to connect with another person’s energy bodies and discover how to powerfully extend your healing abilities across space and time to family, friends and clientele. You will strengthen your ability to intuit the cause and solution for various energy imbalances, and discover how you can communicate with a person on a Soul-level to facilitate life-transforming healing. We will also discuss methods by which to conduct long-distance healing sessions over the telephone and internet, as well as on a purely remote level, for both personal and professional clients.So come share with us this day of multi-dimensional learning and discover the depth to which we can connect to each other in healing and empowerment! *Reiki certification is not necessary to participate.
  • Posture & Osteoporosis Workshop: Building Better Bones

    Have you ever caught sight of your reflection in a window or mirror to see that your head leads the way? Or noticed that your shoulders and upper back are too rounded forward? You’ll learn simple techniques to improve posture and stand straighter. We’ll do exercises to help flatten the upper back, un-round shoulders and flatten your midsection. Learn how to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and how to re-gain bone mass. We’ll discuss the latest research findings on nutrition, minerals and trace minerals needed for bone health; foods that help and/or harm your bones and more. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. You will need a resistance band or tube for some of the exercises.
  • Posture, Get It Straight

    Ever caught your own reflection to see that your head hangs too far forward, or your shoulders are too rounded, or you slump too much? You will learn how to correct common posture problems and learn an ‘Instant Alignment Technique’ that will have you standing straighter immediately. We’ll discuss easy to implement tips when at a computer, in a car or working out. There are many benefits to improving posture. And, the good news is no matter how long you may have had poor posture, it is NEVER TOO LATE to make improvements. Your clothes will fit better, too! You’ll need a resistance band for some exercises.
  • Reiki Level III Master & Teacher Certification

    Become a Certified Reiki Master. This final level of the Traditional Usui System of Reiki Training will substantially increase the power available to you during healings and will permanently attune you to the Master Level energies. During this class we will learn two more Reiki Symbols, access greater knowingness during our healing work and will discuss the continuing process of "becoming" a Reiki Master. You will also learn about the practical, legal and ethical aspects of practicing Reiki and receive valuable tools for developing and marketing your own Reiki practice. Included with this course is the Reiki Teacher Training so that you may be able to conduct your own Reiki classes in the future and will gain the ability to pass Attunements on to your family, friends and students. Don't wait to discover the deeper healing potential that lies within as you grow in your lifelong journey of energy healing mastery!
  • Revitalize Your Lifestyle: Design A Customized Eating & Exercise Plan

    Ready to ditch the confusion and overwhelm when it comes to eating well and staying active as you age gracefully? Dive into an exhilarating 2-hour session where you'll team up with a registered dietitian nutritionist and an exercise physiologist to craft a personalized nutrition and movement plan tailored just for you. No more guesswork; we're talking about a plan that aligns with your current lifestyle, goals, and abilities. Get ready to strut away armed with the top 10 game-changing strategies for living your best life and thriving as you age. Feel the empowerment surge as you implement these strategies with your personalized plan, turning confusion into clarity and overwhelm into unstoppable vitality!
  • Seated Abdominal Strengtheners That Won't Stress Your Back or Neck

    Abdominal muscles weaken and lose shape due to past pregnancies, surgeries, sitting at a desk all day, being sedentary and poor posture. Learn a series of extremely effective exercises to quickly strengthen all four layers of abdominal, WITHOUT stressing back or neck joints and WITHOUT getting on the floor. Common abdominal exercises like crunches can place too much stress on back and neck joints.
  • Strategies for Beating Belly Bloat

    Have you ever found that in the a.m. your pants fit fine but by mid-afternoon, the waistband squeezes you like a tourniquet. Or that no matter how many crunches you do, your stomach still hangs out? Getting rid of a potbelly is much more than just doing abdominal exercises. In this workshop, you will learn the main causes and 6 strategies for getting rid of belly bloat. We will do a few exercises designed to strengthen the deepest layer of abdominal muscle - the layer that is responsible for flattening your stomach, shaping your waistline, and supporting your lower back. And we will do this without getting on the floor.
  • Thyroid Things You Need To Know

    If you currently take thyroid medication but are still gaining weight and still have a variety of symptoms, there's more you need to know. Fatigue, weight gain, depression, anxiety, rising cholesterol levels, inability to focus, thinning hair, digestive problems, abnormal blood pressure, reduced sex drive, and heart palpitations are only some of the symptoms. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how thyroid function can make any illness worse; the 5 things that need to be measured, but usually aren’t; why the #1 thyroid replacement may not be helping you; connection between thyroid, fibromyalgia and arthritis; foods that help or hinder; commonly misunderstood rules of how and when to take thyroid meds; environmental triggers and info you need to discuss with your doctor. This workshop is a source of information only and should by no means be considered a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical professional.
  • Unleash the Power Within A Transformational Workshop

    Are you sick and tired of setting the same goals year after year? Are you FINALLY ready to break free from the yo-yo cycle of chasing a healthy lifestyle only to end up back at square one? Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with this transformative class tailored just for you to feel great and live well. Say goodbye to setbacks and hello to success as we uncover the game-changing strategy you’re missing for success! Get ready to strut from the session with your personalized 90-Day Journal, armed and empowered to turn knowledge into action. It's time to conquer your deepest desires, live life to the fullest, and flourish in the next fabulous decade! Seize the moment, invest in the incredible force that is YOU, and redefine your midlife journey like never before!

    Are you finding no matter how well you watch what you eat or how much you exercise that weight is not budging? Your inability to lose weight probably has more to do with hormone levels than anything else. Until any imbalances are corrected, trying to lose weight will be like shoveling sand against the tide. We’ll discuss concrete solutions (not tricks, not using your will power) for controlling appetite and cravings; simple things you can do every day to boost your metabolism; major sources of hormone mimicking chemicals and how to get rid of them; what HRT or birth control pills have to do with weight gain; how to have your hormone levels checked reliably; what steps need to be taken to safely break the vicious cycle of hormone related weight gain.