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  • Avoiding Probate and Preserving Assets

    Learn what a living trust is and how can it be used to avoid probate while still retaining control of your assets. You will also be shown alternative methods of avoiding probate and ways to plan for preserving your assets in case of extraordinary medical costs and long-term care. Essential information on different types of wills and approaches to estate planning will be included. The instructor is an experienced attorney who will provide an opportunity for questions and answers.
  • BARRE Fitness

    BARRE Fitness is a total body conditioning program that blends classical ballet exercises with Pilates, yoga and strength movements. Burn fat and increase lean muscle mass with this low-impact form of exercise. We will use the ballet barre as well as center work to perform a variety of exercises to target multiple muscles with each movement. This class will provide results quickly, improving muscular strength and stability, endurance, flexibility and balance. Please bring 2-3 lb dumbbells and a mat to class.
  • BARRE- Yoga Fusion

    BARRE Fitness blended with Yoga postures and weight training a total body workout! All fitness levels will be challenged in this class, and no Barre or yoga experience is needed. Extended class time allows for a longer cool down with deep stretches. Please bring 2-3 lb dumbbells and a mat to class.
  • Be a Wok Star : Cook with Your Kids

    Do you and your kids love to cook together? Explore the world of using a wok as a cooking surface with your child. In this class we will make cream cheese wontons, stir-fry, and a fruit plate for a complete wok meal!
  • Beaded Braid Bracelet

    Bracelets are the accessory item of the year and nothing is hotter right now than bracelets made with cording. You can create hip, chic bracelets with a few art beads, some accent beads and cotton cord. These are quick and easy.Bring along: (Available at Joann’s, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and bead shops)  -1.5 yards Irish Waxed Linen (4 ply, approx. 1mm in diameter)  -55 to 70 8/0 size Seed Beads -1 2-hole Button (approx. 1/2 inch, or between 10 and 13 mm) -1 Small Charm (optional) -Scissors -Tape (optional but highly recommended) to tape your bracelet to your work surface NOTE: This class has been moved one week earlier than listed in the catalog! Enroll today so you don't miss out!
  • Become A Posture Pro

    If you've ever questioned your posture, or have had a comment made about your posture, great news! There are simple, effective stretches, exercises and poses you can practice on your own time to straighten yourself up. Spend an hour learning and practicing these movements–your body will thank you for it! 
  • Before and After the Funeral

    After a loved one dies, family members are bombarded with a multitude of questions related to decisions that must be made before the funeral. Working through those questions ahead of time will ease the burden on the deceased's loved ones. A second flurry of activities occurs after the funeral related to the settlement of the deceased's estate. This class will discuss probate, explain when probate is and isn’t necessary, and outline the steps that the deceased’s loved ones can expect in settling the deceased’s affairs.Bonnie Wittenburg, an estate planning, probate and trust administration lawyer, and Jeanne McGill, a funeral consultant, will lead the presentation.
  • Beginning Ballet for Adults

    If you once loved to dance ballet and miss it, or are a beginner and want to try ballet, it's NEVER too late to start! Learn basic barre exercises, do some center work, improve balance and core strength, all while having fun in the process! All ages welcome!
  • Beginning Enameling

    Enameling is the art of fusing powdered glass to copper, gold, or silver. The enamel piece is inserted into a kiln at around 1450°F and removed several minutes later. In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of enameling: how to clean, set up and fire copper for enameling. You will complete 3 items, a copper pendant and a pair of earrings in class. All supplies provided for the supply fee of $30 is payable to instructor. Please wear comfortable clothes – it will get warm.
  • Beginning German I

    The Beginning German I class introduces the student to basic German. Participants will learn greetings, family, countries, professions, basic grammar and more. The course is specifically designed for students who have no prior German experience, and who want a gradual introduction to the language. $20.00 payable to instructor for Book - which is used for German I and German IIGerman classes offered by Germanic American Institute. The GAI is a nonprofit organization in St. Paul with the mission to foster appreciation and understanding of the culture, language, arts and ongoing history of the German speaking peoples through public education and cultural programs.
  • Beginning German II

    Beginning German II is a continuation of German I. The class will cover topics such as leisure & hobbies, food & drink, shopping, out & about in the city, body parts, basic grammar & more. Prerequisite is knowledge of basic German or ‘Beginning German I’$20.00 payable to instructor for Book - which is used for German I and German IIGerman classes offered by Germanic American Institute. The GAI is a non-profit organization in St. Paul with the mission to foster appreciation and understanding of the culture, language, arts and ongoing history of the German speaking peoples through public education and cultural programs.
  • Beginning Hand Drumming

    Have you ever felt a call to try hand drumming? Your time is now. This beginning class is taught in a drum circle style where you learn amazing techniques and rhythms from around the world. It is all about fun and connecting. The sound of the drum is healing as researched at UCLA and it will change your life in a good way. Wanna check it out? There are drums available for you, but please bring your own and be ready for a new wonderful life experience and journey.
  • Belly Dancing Advanced

    Join us for skills, drills, and zills as we drill the moves you know, add Turkish stylings. Choreographies and combinations may be taught, as well as some folkloric influences. Class is a Level 3+ and intermediate-level bellydance experience is a prerequisite. Please bring a hip scarf, finger cymbals, veil, and a smile! Instructor Amina Beres is the Artistic Director for Dans Askina Turkish Dance Ensemble, and has been teaching and performing Middle Eastern Dance throughout the Twin Cities since 1995.
  • Belly Dancing Basics & Beyond

    Join the Sisterhood of Belly Dance! Dance to mysterious, ancient and modern rhythms. Learn fabulous and beautiful dance moves while toning your body! We cover basic moves, combinations and finger cymbals. Finger cymbals are available for use. Bring a hip scarf and your smile! Please no skimpy dressed dancers. This class is level 1-2. No previous dance experience necessary. Prerequisite to Intermediate Class.
  • Belly Dancing Intermediate

    Continue exploring the joy and beauty of Middle Eastern Dance. Build on your skills developed in the beginning class as you learn more techniques, combinations, and finger cymbal patterns. Choreography may be taught for optional performance opportunities. Instructor Kristin Kujawski has been teaching and performing Middle Eastern Dance since 1999. This is a level 2 class for Intermediate level belly dancing. Pre-requisite beginning level 1 class or instructor's permission. Please bring a hip scarf, finger cymbals and a smile!
  • Bird's Eye View of Your New Small Business

    Have you started or interested in starting a new small business? You have the expertise to bring your product or service to the marketplace, but do you have the overview, administrative and organizational processes to support your new business endeavor? They are key to your future success. See what you can do yourself and who you have to get to help you. Organizational tools also provided. (Materials fee $5) (Bring business cards for exercise.)
  • Breakfast Basics : Cook with Your Kids

    Do your kids love to cook with you? Breakfast/brunch basics for kids- everyone needs a good breakfast to start the day out right! In this class learn how to make eggs (scrambled, fried and poached) and a few fun ideas for easy weekday breakfasts. In addition we will make a full Sunday brunch with gooey monkey bread, an egg bake and breakfast meat.
  • Broad-Edged Pen Calligraphy

    Go back in time while learning to write two alphabets using a broad-edged dip pen. Start with the beautiful round, tailored letters of the 4th and 5th century uncial hand. Continue on to the "once upon a time" Gothic Blackletter which looks impressively difficult but is surprisingly easy to learn.$20.00 materials fee is payable to instructor at first class.
  • Cardio Club

    Join us at The Club. This next generation cardio class is where adults experience original fitness curriculum fused with jump rope aerobics immersed in a nightclub atmosphere. This class builds endurance, burns calories, and improves posture.  See you at The Cardio Club!
  • Chords are Key for Guitar

    Have you ever wanted to learn the guitar but simply find it difficult to find the time? In just a few hours you can learn enough about playing the guitar to give you years of musical enjoyment, and you won’t have to take private lessons to do it. This crash course will teach you some basic chords and get you playing along with your favorite songs right away. Bring your acoustic guitar. Class limited to 15 students. For ages 16+. For more information go to justonceclasses.com. Class fee includes an online book and online video instruction. Topics include: How chords work in a song How to form the three main types of chords How to tune your guitar Basic strumming patterns How to buy a good guitar (things to avoid) How to play along with simple tunes
  • Community Dance

    Couples, bring your dancing shoes for an evening of traditional ballroom and Latin style dancing to the sounds of live music. Singles are welcome, but all dance styles will be focused around paired dancing. The dance takes place in the elegant Oakwood Room at Hopkins Eisenhower Community Center. Admission includes a dance lesson and light refreshments. All ages are welcome and encouraged to attend. Dress comfortably for dance. Register early, this dance sells out!This year's band: The Flames — a 17-piece band that plays a wide variety of Big Band dance music in 1940's through 1960's style.Date: Friday, April 13thLesson Time: 6:15-7:00 pmLive Music and Dancing: 7:00-9:00 pmPrice: $15 online pre-registration or $20 at the door (first come, first serve until sold out) Location: Oakwood Room - Eisenhower Community Center - 1001 Highway 7, Hopkins Hopkins Community Education: 952-988-4070This event is sponsored by Hopkins Community Education, Minnetonka Community Education, the Hopkins Activity Center and Minnetonka Senior Services.
  • Container Gardening: A How-To Guide

    Container gardening is the practice of growing plants in containers instead of in the ground. After this presentation we hope that attendees will know how to design and care for a container garden, feel more confident in designing, starting and maintaining a container garden and be ready to plant a container garden.
  • Continuing Watercolor

    Continuing Watercolor is a class for students that have had some experience with watercolor painting, and have their own supplies. Students will continue to be challenged with this exciting medium as we review some watercolor basics and learn exciting new techniques. Students will help develop the topics for the classes and there will be plenty of time for painting. We will encourage each other with sharing and critique. If you have painted before and already have other materials, please feel free to use what you have.Things you will need:•Paint- your choice•Brushes•Water Container•Paper Towels or rag•Items to use for texturing (salt, credit card, etc)•Pencil, eraser•Hair dryer•Masking tape•Paper- Arches watercolor paper 140 lb. for best results
  • Conversational Chinese for Beginners

    China is a leading economic power and becoming more important in today’s business world—and one in every five people on Earth speaks Chinese. If you encounter the language in your business, plan to visit China, or just want to learn some basic conversational Chinese, this beginner conversational class is perfect for you! Come and learn pin-yin, simple words, phrases and sentences in a fun atmosphere, and in a non-traditional way—using multiple smartphone apps and other multi-medias to study without textbooks. The last session can be held at a local restaurant to practice what you have learned with native speakers (meal cost additional) Join us and gain cultural and historical understanding, as well as receive a keepsake souvenir from the instructor.