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  • Creative Writing 101 - Novels and Memoirs

    Join us and learn critical fundamentals required to write all genres of fiction and memoirs. The course focuses on understanding the seven basic principles of excellence in creative writing: conflict, captivating story, compelling characters, emotion, mystery, artistic vision, and showing versus telling. Students will independently complete short writing exercises designed to illustrate how each of these literary techniques is achieved. Excerpts from published literary works will be reviewed to learn how successful authors master each of these techniques.
  • Family Soap for the Holidays

    Perfect fall activity for parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, pairs of teens! Join your child/children to make super fun and easy sulfate-free melt 'n pour soaps with added nutrient rich natural oils to gently cleanse and moisturize sensitive skin. Blend phthlate-free fragrance oils you'll love: French vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar, citrus ginger, buttercream, almond, cupcake, and more. Perfect weekend creative activity for your family. Charming colorful soaps in holiday shapes make amazing handmade gifts for friends and family, and add luxury to your home this holiday season. Take home lots of soaps, DIY recipes, instructions, and source list to make more at home. Cost of materials $20 per parent child pair to be paid to instructor at class.
  • Halloween Soap Making Party

    Perfect fall activity for parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, pairs of teens! Bring your child (between 8 and 18!), or pair up with your BFF (15+!) to make super fun & easy detergent-free melt 'n pour Halloween soaps! Make and take home lots of fun and easy gently cleansing shea butter, goat's milk, and glycerin sulfate-free Halloween soaps in non-scary shapes such as pumpkins, ghosts, bats, witches hats, spider webs, and more.  Use candy and sweet fragrance oils of chocolate, coconut, cupcake, orange cinnamon, green apple, lemonade, and more. Perfect for Halloween party gifts.  Fun costumes are optional!
  • Photo Organization - Print and Digital

    A photograph captures a moment that is gone forever! Are your photographs in a box, drawer, suitcase, phone, camera chip or all of the above? Could you find a specific photo in seconds? Are they securely backed up? Learn about a system to get every printed and digital photo plus your memorabilia organized. Learn about scanning slides, movies, prints as well as backing up, and cloud storage. You'll leave with a plan that allows you to access every photo you own in literally seconds!
  • Poetry Workshop

    This class will include an introduction to poetry discussion, in class exercises, readings of favorite published poetry, and a focus on growing as a writer whether you're already published or you've just always wanted to try your hand at poetry or prose.
  • Twined Rag Rug Weaving

    Discover the fine art of twined rag rug weaving . . . a great way to recycle old clothing or extra fabric. In class, you will learn the warping process; develop weaving techniques; and learn the finishing process for your own unique rug creation. Leave class with a completed 20"x32" rug and the knowledge to create beautiful pieces for your home, cabin, family and friends. Bring a sharp scissors, crochet hook/latch hook and approximately 15 yards of any similar weight fabric to class. Plan on a total of 12-15 hours between classes to complete your rug. If you don't have materials at home, check a local thrift store for fabric, sheets, curtains, jeans, etc. Instructions on how to prepare your  fabric will be distributed to you 5 days prior to class. $45 materials fee for loom purchase and supplies payable to instructor at class.
  • Writers’ Workshop: Creative Writing 201

    This 6-week writers’ workshop is designed to assist writers who are working, or beginning to work, on a specific creative writing project, including short stories, novels, and memoirs. Individual manuscripts will be critiqued by the instructor and fellow writers based on adherence to seven principles of literary excellence: conflict, captivating story, compelling characters, emotion, mystery, artistic showing, and showing versus telling. Learn and discuss techniques for writing powerful dialogue, the effective use of emotive verbs to build compelling characters, similes, metaphors, and side scenes. In addition, all students are invited to raise any other topic of concern to them for discussion in class.  There are two prerequisites for registration in this workshop: 1) all students must have a specific writing project in progress or ready in mind and must be committed to working on the project during the workshop, and 2) all students must either have completed Creative Writing 101 or a similar writing class prior to enrollment.