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  • Adult Trips: A Grand Christmas

    Step back in time for a tour of the Alexander Ramsey House decorated for the 1875 Christmas season. Enjoy lunch at the popular Tavern on Grand.Menu choices:1. Walleye Basket: battered, deep-fried walleye fillet, seasoned tavern fries, cole slaw, beverage, ice cream.2. Grilled Chicken Breast, seasoned tavern fries, cole slaw, beverage, ice creamArrive at the St. Paul Cathedral for a guided tour of this historic building. Registration deadline: November 19, 2018 Limit: 12Wednesday, December 12, 7:45am–3:30pm  $70
  • Adult Trips: August Schell Brewery and New Ulm, MN

    Arrive in New Ulm at the historic and elegant, Victorian Lind House for lunch. Then tour the August Schell Museum of Brewing and enjoy sampling assorted beer and root beer in the Rathskellar Tap Room. Finally, stop at Jim’s Candy Store, the bright yellow building in Jordan, MN to purchase candy, fruits, vegetables and other specialty items.Registration Deadline July 23, 2018Hopkins Community Education 952-988-4070Hopkins Activity Center 952-939-1333 or activitycenter@hopkinmn.comPickup Maetzold Field, Hopkins
  • Adult Trips: Duluth’s North Shore Scenic Railroad

    Depart on the historic coaches of the North Shore Scenic Railroad from the Duluth Depot to Two Harbors. View the colorful shoreline of Lake Superior while enjoying an included box lunch. Depart the depot for stops at the Great Lakes Candy Kitchen and Russ Kendall’s Smoke Fish House.Registration Deadline August 20, 2018Hopkins Community Education 952-988-4070Hopkins Activity Center 952-939-1333 or activitycenter@hopkinmn.comPickup Maetzold Field, Hopkins
  • Adult Trips: Evening with Groucho at the Sheldon Theater, Red Wing

    Enjoy lunch at the St.James Hotel in Red Wing. Arrive at the Sheldon Theatre for the matinee comedy performance "Evening with Groucho", a portrayal of the legendary comdeian, Groucho Marx. Registration deadline is October 1, 2018, Limit 12.  
  • Adult Trips: Fall Color Great River Road & National Eagle Center, Wabasha MN

    Enjoy a colorful drive along the Great Mississippi River Route with a stop at Pepin Heights Apple Orchard. Enjoy an included lunch at Bluffs Restaurant at the Coffee Mill Golf Course. Visit the National Eagle Center for an educational presentation, exhibits and bring your binoculars to the viewing platform. Travel along the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River with a stop at Nelson Cheese store. Registration Deadline September 24, 2018   Hopkins Community Education 952-988-4070Hopkins Activity Center 952-939-1333 or activitycenter@hopkinmn.comPickup Maetzold Field, Hopkins
  • Adult Trips: Fly Over America

    “Fly Over America” is a must-see, virtual flight attraction at the Mall of America. Experience special effects of wind, scents and mist that make you feel like you are truly flying. Take time to explore the stores. Enjoy a petite luncheon at The Radisson Blu Fire Lake Grill House.Registration Deadline October 23, 2018Hopkins Community Education 952-988-4070Hopkins Activity Center 952-939-1333 or activitycenter@hopkinmn.comPickup Maetzold Field, Hopkins
  • Adult Trips: Saint Paul Gangsters & Cave Tour

    Enjoy a buffet gangster luncheon in the Wabasha Street Caves dining room. Venture through the caves and streets of St. Paul during its roaring hoodlum heyday with a costumed gangster tour guide.Registration Deadline October 1, 2018Hopkins Community Education 952-988-4070Hopkins Activity Center 952-939-1333 or activitycenter@hopkinmn.comPickup Maetzold Field, Hopkins
  • Advanced Beginner Ballet For Adults

    This is an Advanced Beginner Ballet class, designed for those who have some or limited dance experience! Ballet is excellent training for body awareness, cardio health, and countering the collapse that can happen with aging. There are all ages in this class. It is helpful to have some ballet background for this intermediate level. We follow the classic structure of a ballet class and modify for the various needs of individuals. Come and check us out! It is never too late to dance! No discounts.
  • Alexander Technique Continuing

    Continue to learn more about the Alexander Technique! Use it more consciously in your daily life to assist in making healthier mind body choices, lower your stress, improve your posture, and enhance your quality of life as you continue to master the technique for yourself.This class includes individual instruction with a group setting and one 15-minute private lesson taught by Lisa, a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. Lisa is a teaching member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique and has been teaching for over 30 years. Prerequisite: Alexander Technique – Introduction
  • An Introduction to Voiceovers

    This empowering one-on-one intro workshop covers what is needed to become a successful voice actor. You'll be coached and recorded as you read script, so you can receive a professional evaluation. Taught by a professional voice actor. Note: This is a Live video chat one on one class taken online. Voices for All will contact you for scheduling. Must have internet access and video chatting capabilities using either: Skype or iChat. No discounts. 18 and over.Register online through Hopkins Community Education. Learn more at http://www.voicesforall.com/ooo
  • Beginning German I

    The Beginning German I class introduces the student to basic German. Participants will learn greetings, family, countries, professions, basic grammar and more. The course is specifically designed for students who have no prior German experience, and who want a gradual introduction to the language. $20.00 payable to instructor for Book - which is used for German I and German IIGerman classes offered by Germanic American Institute. The GAI is a nonprofit organization in St. Paul with the mission to foster appreciation and understanding of the culture, language, arts and ongoing history of the German speaking peoples through public education and cultural programs.
  • Beginning Kumihimo Braid

    Kumihimo is an ancient form of Japanese braid-making. Cords and ribbons are made by interlacing strands. In this class you will incorporate beads into your braid to make your bracelet. Kumihimo is Japanese for "gathered threads." For this project you will need: *2 colors of braiding cord - "Dazzle It" or "Rat Tail"*Kumihimo braiding disk*Closure or button*Super Glue or E6000*A kumihimo weight or a heavy washer
  • Belly Dancing Advanced

    Join us for skills, drills, and zills as we drill the moves you know, and add Turkish stylings. Choreographies and combinations may be taught, as well as some folkloric influences. Class is a Level 3+ and intermediate-level bellydance experience is a prerequisite. Please bring a hip scarf, finger cymbals, veil, and a smile! Instructor Amina Beres is the Artistic Director for Dans Askina Turkish Dance Ensemble, and has been teaching and performing Middle Eastern Dance throughout the Twin Cities since 1995.
  • Belly Dancing Basics & Beyond

    Join the Sisterhood of Belly Dance! Dance to mysterious, ancient and modern rhythms. Learn fabulous and beautiful dance moves while toning your body! We cover basic moves, combinations and finger cymbals. Finger cymbals are available for use. Bring a hip scarf and your smile! Please no skimpy dressed dancers. This class is level 1-2. No previous dance experience necessary. Prerequisite to Intermediate Class.
  • Belly Dancing Intermediate

    Continue exploring the joy and beauty of Middle Eastern Dance. Build on your skills developed in the beginning class as you learn more techniques, combinations, and finger cymbal patterns. Choreography may be taught for optional performance opportunities. Instructor Kristin Kujawski has been teaching and performing Middle Eastern Dance since 1999. This is a level 2 class for Intermediate level belly dancing. Pre-requisite beginning level 1 class or instructor's permission. Please bring a hip scarf, finger cymbals and a smile!
  • Encaustic Effects With Acrylics

    Learn to create encaustic like effects using acrylic materials. Mimic the soft luminous effect of beeswax by applying multiple layers of various acrylic gels and mediums and paint. Bury images and patterns deep below the surface and create lovely soft transparent and translucent layers. Become familiar with faux encaustic like wax formulas and give your work a whole new feeling. Create the wax like look of encaustics with the durability of acrylics. Open to all levels of painting experience. All GOLDEN paints, gels and mediums provided. Bring to class: 2 - 9 x 12 canvases or cradled hardboard surfaces to work on, synthetic paintbrushes, a variety of palette knives, palette for paint, water container, rags, papers for collage, stencils (if you have them), plastic to cover your table and a bag lunch. $10 materials fee paid to instructor.
  • Family Stress Less: Elementary Families

    Stress is an inevitable part of living and all people (including children) experience stress during their lifetime. Abby will talk about helping your child manage stress during the elementary school years, and will lead participants through some simple relaxation and self care practices. The use of essential oils during class will further support the relaxation of participants. This class is designed for parents but Abby will share strategies that parents can teach and practice with their children.
  • Fit For Life, the Anti-aging Solution

    Muscle strength and tone begins to decline starting in our mid-twenties. Fit for Life is a class specifically designed to reverse the effects of aging by improving posture, core strength, balance, coordination and bone density. We combine body weight exercises, bands, balls, weights, kettlebells and more to burn calories and increase metabolism by rebuilding muscle and implementing supportive nutrition. Guidelines for healthy eating and weight loss tips will be offered by the instructor, Sharon Nelson who is a Certified IIN Health Coach. Be the best you can be. Feel the best you can feel, no matter what your age. All fitness levels welcomed. Movement + Nutrition = Fitness for Life Purchase full session or 5 class option!
  • Google Drive and Docs

    Learn how to take advantage of the free storage for photos and files offered by Google Drive and explore the capabilities of Google’s free apps - web based word processing and spreadsheet and slide show tools that are full-featured alternatives to Word and Excel. Explore how to convert Word and Excel files to Google type documents and spreadsheets. Learn about other apps such as email forms. A key benefit of Google Drive is the ability to share and edit in real time with others. Requirements: Students must have a Gmail account and know their Gmail password.
  • Intermediate Ballet For Adults

    If you love to dance and you have missed being in ballet class for a while, this class is for you! Ballet is excellent physical training, can improve cardio health, and countering the collapse that can happen with aging. Some ballet background is helpful, and all ages are welcome. We follow the classic structure of a ballet class and modify for the various needs of individuals. Come and check us out! It is never too late to dance! No discounts.
  • Iyengar Yoga

    All classes are based on the tradition of BKS Iyengar. Iyengar Yoga focuses on correctly aligning the body to improve general posture, breathing and circulation. Classes are sequenced to promote healthy skill development and mental discipline. Students begin with basic standing poses maturing to forward bends, back bends, twists, inversions, restorative poses and pranayama (breath control). Props such as blankets, blocks, belts, and chairs are used to help students benefit from the poses regardless of their physical condition or level of experience
  • Jazz Dance Movement

    Designed for moving and self expression, this class uses the basic format of a jazz class to give participants the opportunity to dance, develop strength and flexibility, and to discover their own style of moving. We move to a variety of great music that inspires a renewed vitality and gratitude for the body! It is a great class for increasing range of movement and learning body placement that supports being able to dance well. No experience is necessary. Come try out dancing with us! It is good for the soul! No discounts. 
  • Just BREATHE!

    JUST BREATHE! While publicly speaking, have you ever felt out of breath or tight? Is vocal projection a challenge? Does it seem like your inhalations are too loud? Are you tired or light headed when finished with a long speech? Does it seem as though you can never get enough breath? Or do you just wonder if you are breathing right?Julie Ann will instruct you on how the breathing mechanism really works, what posture has to do with it, and to become aware of your habits that impede your natural breathing functionality. You will learn how to conceive of your breath in a new way with tangible exercises to help you along your path towards total freedom! Come and just breathe!
  • Know Your Somali Neighbor II

    As we continue to learn more about our Somali neighbors, discuss Islamic law, human rights, the role of women, and social justice issues. Uncover how these issue relate to local customs and how Muslims manage their lives accordingly.