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  • Bicycle Repair and Maintenance 3 Hour Class

    This 3hr class will build from basic to more advance. Many of your bike issues can be solved in this class! Major focus will be on identification of bicycle parts, trailside repair, shifting adjustments, brake adjustments, chain maintenance, how to repair/replace a tube (flat tire), how to safety check your bike. We will also learn basic wheel truing, replacing a chain, how to replace brake and shifting cables. Please bring a bike. Especially one that need work! Great value if you factor in a tune up!! Open to ages 16+
  • Bicycle Repair and Maintenance 2 Hour Class

    Basic bike set up, identification, shifting adjustments, brake adjustments, how to safety check your bike, preparing a bike for selling, as well as many other helpful tips & tricks. Time will be available to fix many of the mechanical issues you are facing. Bringing in a bike is encouraged. Please bring a bike. Great value if you factor in a basic tune up!! Class is open for ages 16+ Each class goes through a checklist of learning. Once a level is completed the learner moves on to the next level and corresponding checklist. Complete levels and earn equipment that will help you with potential bicycle issues.