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  • Budgeting 101

    Begin telling your money what to do instead of wondering where it went by creating a zero-based monthly budget. In this class, we’ll walk step-by-step through the budgeting process including setting up your budget, how to track your spending throughout the month and tips & tricks to save money on monthly expenses. This class is sponsored and led by City & County Credit Union.
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  • Estate Planning Solutions

    This class will review Wills, Trusts, Health Care Directives and Powers of Attorney. Learn when a Will is sufficient and when you might prefer a Trust. You'll learn ways to avoid probate. Discussion of common mistakes will help you avoid unwanted consequences.
  • Financial Fitness

    Just like going to the gym - it’s important to keep your finances in top shape. Join us for our Financial Fitness Workshop to see how in shape your finances are by completing your money wheel. We’ll target four key areas – budgeting, saving, credit scores & debt management. This class will take place online, via Zoom. This class is sponsored and led by City & County Credit Union.
  • Happy Savvy Holidays

    From presents, to family gatherings to decorations – are you financially ready for the holidays? In this one-hour class, we’ll talk about ways to be a savvy holiday spender and you’ll learn how to create a holiday budget. This class is sponsored and led by City & County Credit Union.
  • Hopkins Job Fair

    Are you looking for employees? Hopkins Community Education will be hosting a job fair on Saturday, November 20th from 10:00am – 1:00pm at the Eisenhower Community Center and you and your company are invited to attend to recruit potential employees. This job fair will take place in the gym at the Eisenhower Community Center and each employer will get a table and two chairs for their company. Additionally, conference rooms will be available for on-site job interviews. Register today to reserve your table! Eisenhower Community Center is located at 1001 Highway 7, Hopkins, MN 55305
  • Improve Your Credit Score

    Did you know your credit score can impact things like your car insurance rates or your future career? Join us at our credit score workshop to learn what your credit score represents and how you can improve it. We’ll cover topics such as the role of credit bureaus, how to get a copy of your credit report and how certain actions can boost or drop your score. This class is sponsored and led by City & County Credit Union.
  • Integrated Marketing Certificate

    Discover advanced and new best practices in Integrated Marketing, the growing field that integrates traditional print marketing with digital marketing for even greater marketing success. Find out how digital marketing and print complement and enhance each other. Come away with a new marketing expertise to make your value in the workplace even stronger. This class will be offered September 7th through October 1st. Click HERE for more information. For more online classes with UGotClass, click HERE!
  • Is Owning a Home REALLY Better than Renting?

    There’s loads of debate on the internet, and the ‘traditional’ answer is yes, home ownership is the wiser financial choice, but why? And which is right for you? You’ll learn about the actual financial costs involved in renting vs. owning, and explore the benefits and risks of both options, as well as legal protections in place to protect all consumers in Minnesota. The information in this class may or may not make you change your housing plans, but it’s curated to focus on the most impactful facts for you to decide!
  • Managing Remote Workers

    Manage remote workers better, with greater productivity and efficiency. Discover the keys to success by managing in the new workplace of the 21st century. Get a step-by-step practical guide you won't get anywhere else. Employees and employers both like the new system. You'll want to apply these practices to your office workers as well. This class will be offered October 4th through October 29th. Click HERE for more information. For more online classes with UGotClass, click HERE!
  • Managing Remote Workers Certificate

    Discover the keys to communicating with and managing remote workers, one of the fastest growing sectors of the workforce. Some 80% of employers are keeping some or many of their employees working from home part of the week. People working from home are 25% more productive. Working from home is here to stay. This class will be offered Sept 7- October 29, 2021. Click HERE for more information. For more online classes with UGotClass, click HERE!
  • Planning for the Future: Balancing Today and Tomorrow

    In this course we will learn about ways to make the most of the resources available to you today to help you live your best life now and in the future. We will discuss strategies to balance short and long term goals such as managing your lifestyle and preparing for retirement. Your situation is complex, increase your likelihood of success and plan for it.
  • Prepare Your Own Will

    Who will raise your children if you die? Who will be your executor? Without a will, the laws in Minnesota and a judge make those decisions. Create and complete a simple will that gives you peace of mind. Notaries, witnesses, and will form included. If class is not able to be held in person, class will meet ONLINE via Zoom. In person will signing will take place on date early the following week.
  • Race, Religion, and Real Estate

    Learn the surprising influence of policies instituted at the end of World War II, like protective covenants and redlining, and how they shaped housing and economic development in Hennepin County. Discover how these practices were implemented, and their shadows in education, tax, and policing policies that linger today. We’ll explore the state and federal protections implemented in later years with mixed results, and what’s happening in this landscape today. Spend an evening peeking into history that wasn’t in our schoolbooks.
  • Savvy Tax Strategies

    Learn mistakes to avoid when it comes to your investment portfolio, health care, and estate. Understand the critical tax questions you must answer before retirement. Explore the Social Security "tax trap" and how you can avoid it along with a summary of the recently passed SECURE Act. This is an educational event. No products will be sold. For additional disclosures, see
  • Show Me the Money- Home lending for purchase or improvements, plus rebates & tax breaks

    Whether you want to finally stop renting, move up to a bigger home, or make major improvements within your budget, this class will direct you to under-used programs to finance them without using credit cards or retail financing. We’ll talk about the basic income and credit requirements, and introduce you to rebates and tax breaks that may apply. Spend an evening with us and up your money game!
  • The Five Key Risks of Retirement

    Before you can embark on building a practical road map to financial security, you need to understand five key risks that can potentially derail a lifetime income plan. In this class we will highlight things to keep in mind to help make the golden years financially successful.