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  • Sigamos Conversando

    Continuaremos conversando acerca de diferentes tópicos de interés. De tarea, los estudiantes leerán o escucharán un podcast para prepararse para nuestra conversación.
  • Spanish Part 1

    We will start from the basics: greetings, simple introductions, questions and answers, introduction to present tense, a lot of vocabulary building activities, etc. A brief assignment to practice what we learn in class each week. Students will need to purchase a textbook for the class. The title of the textbook will be provided by the instructor before the class begins. This course book purchased will be used in Spanish Part 2, 3, and 4.
  • Spanish Part 2

    We will study two new past tenses and learn to identify when to use them. We will continue learning different elements of the Spanish language while we talk, read and listen to stories shared in class. Small assignment each week. At the first class instructor will tell students the name of a textbook to purchase.
  • Spanish Part 3

    Have you taken a couple of Spanish introduction classes and want to continue learning more from a native speaker and teacher? Join us! We will learn one of the past tenses, irregular verbs in the present and future tense. There will be a brief assignment each week. During the first class the instructor will provide the name of a textbook for students to purchase for the class.
  • Spanish Part 4

    This class will allow you to continue practicing and improving your Spanish skills at a higher level. We will review important concepts from Part 1,2,3. We will study the imperative and the subjunctive. Small homework will be assigned each week. The first day of class instructor will share a textbook for students to purchase for class.
  • ¡Conversemos!

    Esta clase es para estudiantes que han tomado al menos 4 años de español. Conversaremos acerca de diferentes tópicos mientras revisamos distintos elementos gramaticales importantes del idioma español estudiados en años anteriores. Habrá tarea cada semana.