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  • Fall/Winter ECFE 2-4's Multi-Age

    Based on guidance from MDH and our school district, our indoor activities will allow up to 10 families and this will consist of one adult with one child. The outdoor classes will be limited to 10 families, and will also consist of one adult with one child (this doesn't apply to families of multiples). During all in-person activities we ask that you manage your own movements and those of your child to maintain reasonable distance from others. Adults are required to wear a nose and mouth covering mask at all times during class until further notice. If you are a family with multiples, please contact our front office (952) 988-5000. For Families with kids between 2-4!! ECFE class components include: These are in-person classes where you can spend time in a classroom, outside, and in the gym with your child. The parent discussion component is structured to be a gradually separating experience for both you and your child. Focusing on the many social and emotional age appropriate developmental skills that 2-4 year might be experiencing. Children's teachers will provide an engaging STEAM focused activity and interactive circle times. Your child will be exposed to literary skills, art, science, math literacy, social emotional learning, and more! Your class will also have a gradually separating parent discussion. Sibling care will be offered on a first come first served basis for children between ages 6 months -5 years of age.