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  • ECFE 3-5's Class In-Person 2022/2023

    NEW - 2 Day -- ECFE Class ! This class focuses on preparing both parent and child for preschool! Tuesday/Thursday 9-11:30am Parents: Tuesday: Parent Discussion & Thursday: Parent drop-off with asynchronous, virtual learning Parents will participate in an extended parent discussion on Tuesdays, and drop-off their children on Thursdays. Parents will connect with a parent-educator and other parents in our asynchronous virtual classroom throughout the week and learn ways to support their preschoolers emotional and educational development. Children: Tuesday - parent/child interaction, child/teacher time & Thursday - Parent drop-off and full 2.5hrs child/teacher time! Children age 3 by Sept. 1st will attend 2-days of ECFE class and experience the schedules, routines and activities of preschool. Students will learn how to separate successfully, increase their independence and create social connection with their peers. Due to class structure and limited spots available, your child must be 3 by September 1st. Sibling Care is offered on a first come first served basis and only on Tuesday for this class. Sibling care is open to children 6 month-5 yrs of age. Children under 6 months are welcome in the classroom with their adult. Are you looking for something else? Here is another class option: ECFE & Westwood Nature Center (Class at Harley Hopkins Family Center) Explore nature with us and a friend from Westwood Nature Center! During parent-child time, get up and personal with different creatures from the nature center, learn about habitats, what they eat, and their environment. This is a gradual separation class. You will join our skilled team of licensed Children's Teachers, licensed Parent Educators, and Assistants for a class full of fun play-based learning. Listen to all the giggles as you and your preschooler enjoy creative activities, sing songs, read books, play with toys, explore new art forms, and more! 3-5's classes are in-person. ECFE & Westwood Nature Center class components include parent/child interaction time, parent discussion portion, providing gradually separating experiences for you and your child, engaging learning activities for children, and an interactive circle for you to take part in together! If you are a family with multiples, please contact our front office (952) 988-5000.