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  • 3-5 Year Olds & Parents

    Your child is exploring his growing independence. This class will give your child opportunities to practice social skills, cooperative activities, reading, art, sensory experiences, stories, science, and more that will enhance their other preschool experiences. Your child's classroom will have interesting learning stations that will engage them while they develop school readiness skills.Parents have a unique opportunity to develop strong connections with other Hopkins Public Schools parents and learn strategies to support their child’s readiness for elementary school in this class.  Discussion topics include sibling rivalry, overindulgence, your child's temperament, healthy communication, setting limits, and more.At the beginning of each class, children and parents play in a classroom environment designed to promote children’s exploration, curiosity and discovery. Following time together, parents meet in a separate classroom with a licensed parent educator for discussion on topics related to child development, parenting and school readiness. Your child remains in the classroom during this time with a licensed early childhood teacher and engages in activities that support love of learning and preparation for kindergarten.These classes are separating
  • Somali Class

    Our same great ECFE format for native Somali speakers. Explore the classroom, sing songs, read books, create art, and more!  Connect with other Somali parents on topics such as discipline, nutrition, the importance of play, and language development.  These classes are grant funded and offered at no cost.  These classes are for Hopkins School District families.  Somali class is listed as 413.