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  • Fun, Conversational Chinese for Beginners!

    Do you have a plan to visit China some day and would like to learn some basic conversational Chinese? Have you ever felt like you’ve studied Chinese for hours and hours, but you can’t say a sentence? Chinese is the most spoken language and one in every five people on Earth speaks Chinese. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to communicate with one fifth of the world? Also, China is a leading economic power and becoming more important in today’s business world. Come to learn beginner conversational Chinese in a fun way and modern way! Learn pin-yin, simple words, phrases, and sentences. This class teaches Chinese in a non-traditional way – We use multiple smartphone apps and other multi-medias to study the language without any textbooks. You will meet the instructor once a week, but have fun daily interactions. At the last session of the class, participants can choose to meet at a local restaurant to practice what you learned with native speakers (meal cost is additional) and also receive a memorable souvenir from the instructor as the class keepsake. Participants will get a lot out of the class including cultural and historical facts and knowledge in additional to language. *This class will move online, if needed.
  • Spanish Part 1

    ¡Hola! Would you like to start learning Spanish during the day? Come and join the beginner (Part 1) class this spring. This course is for students who have not had any Spanish, or just a little, and want to start from the basics. Students will have a small assignment each week.
  • Spanish Part 2

    ¡Hola! Are you available during the day? Have you taken a Spanish introduction class which left you ready to learn more about this language from a native speaker and teacher? Join us and work on irregular verbs in the present and future as well as one of the past tenses among other aspects of the Spanish language. Students will have a brief assignment to practice what we learn.
  • Spanish Part 3

    ¡Hola!, are you available during the day and ready to continue to improve your Spanish speaking skills ? In Part 3 we will read articles in Spanish. We will also work with other two past tenses, may even have time to start the subjunctive and imperative. Students will have a short assignment to practice what they have learned.
  • Spanish Part 4

    ¡Hola!, this class will allow you to continue practicing and improving your Spanish skills at a higher level. We will read original short stories and apply the different elements of the Spanish language we have learned. This class will also include listening and, of course, speaking. The writing will be mainly practiced as homework and shared in class.