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  • Google Drive and Docs

    Learn how to take advantage of the free storage for photos and files offered by Google Drive and explore the capabilities of Google’s free apps - web based word processing and spreadsheet and slide show tools that are full-featured alternatives to Word and Excel. Explore how to convert Word and Excel files to Google type documents and spreadsheets. Learn about other apps such as email forms. A key benefit of Google Drive is the ability to share and edit in real time with others. Requirements: Students must have a Gmail account and know their Gmail password.
  • Mastering Your iPhone & iPad

    Smartphones and tablet computers now outsell desktop computers, for all of the right reasons. This is a three-hour, interactive workshop focused solely on the Apple iPad and iPhone that will certainly take you and your mobile device to a much higher level of mutual understanding & enjoyment.
  • Microsoft Office® Basics - Word, Excel, PowerPoint

    Unleash your ability with Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 in just three sessions. You'll learn the basics of three key programs to help you succeed in your career or school. Develop essential proficiency in Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheets/data management), and PowerPoint (presentation/slide show). Demonstrate your ability to know the essentials of computing for today's technological world.
  • Microsoft Word® TIPS & TRICKS

    So you’ve got a handle on the basics of using Word but want to take it to the next level. This class will introduce you to shortcuts that will save you time and effort, give you tips on how to add images to a document and make them behave around text, get you more comfortable with tables and bullets and numbering, learn how to add styles and columns to your documents to make them look more professional, and much more.
  • One-On-One Tutorials

    You will have 100% of the instructor's attention to assist you with a computer project of your choosing! Spend one hour with one of our highly qualified trainers to focus on your specific needs. You define your topics. Some examples might be: basic skills, email basics, software applications such as Word or Excel, how to organize digital photos, creating a newsletter, or how to do a mail merge; there are many possibilities! NOTE: After receiving your registration, we will call you to discuss your specific needs so that the instructor is prepared to work with you. Two people may attend together if you are interested in the same training. Additional hours will be opened if these hours fill up. $49 for 1 person, $79 for two people. Two person registration not available online, please call 952-988-4070.
  • Windows 10

    Gain hands-on experience with Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system. Learn how to locate programs and files on your computer. Learn how to maximize the use of the Start Menu, the Taskbar, and Windows Explorer. Customize your computer’s look and set up the Start Menu and Taskbar to meet your needs. Practice setting up a filing system with folders for your photos and documents, copying and moving files and folders, and deleting files, and recovering deleted files. Take a tour of Settings to see the options available for personalizing the computer, using accessibility functions, and keeping your information private. Walk away with a better mastery of your computer.