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  • Hip Hop Dance Party!

    Let’s dance! This fun and energetic class will keep you moving and grooving! We will learn jazz and hip hop basics to all of our favorite songs! We will learn the latest dance moves, play fun dance games for cool prizes and learn a short routine to perform on the last day for family and friends! No experience necessary so come and join the fun!Click Here to fill out the Emergency Form and for Bus information.
  • Spy Club Undercover!

    What is it like to be a Secret Agent or a Detective? We will complete secret missions, play exciting spy and detective games and use our critical thinking skills and imagination to solve the mysteries! We will create a secret agent name and ID badge, come up with a disguise, follow clues, examine prints and much more! Join us as we have fun with our inner detective!Click Here to fill out the Emergency Form and for Bus information.
  • American Girl Forever Friends

    Time for fun and frolic with our favorite American Girl dolls! This week long camp is filled with activities that will keep us smiling, using our imaginations and being creative! We will be making matching t-shirts, hair accessories and jewelry for ourselves and our doll. Each day we will watch parts of our favorite American Girl movies and do projects surrounding the themes and lessons of the day. We will also read and discuss parts of "A Smart Girls Guide to...", including talking about friendship, manners and other questions our little girls have. Get ready for a fun filled week! Participants can bring any doll if they don't have an American Girl doll. Click Here to fill out the Emergency Form and for Bus information.
  • Here I Come Hollywood!

    Is your child a star? Whether they have star potential or you would like them to experience something new, this class is for them! If you have ever wondered if your child has that "IT" factor to end up on the Disney channel, a commercial or a movie or you simply would like them to benefit from all of the life skills acquired by performing, this camp will give you it all! Participants will play fun and creative games to help build self-confidence in front of others, learn how to audition, act in a television commercial and perform a scene from a movie! Our "stars" will show off what they have learned with a performance on the last day for family and friends. You will be proud of your star as they take the stage and shine!Click Here to fill out the Emergency Form and for Bus information.