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  • Be the Best You Can Be!

    What will set you apart? Whether playing sports, participating in clubs, making friends, or dealing with teachers, social skills are what give you an edge. Penn State and Duke University research showed Social skills are linked to success as young adults. Did you ever think to sign up to learn a skill-set that will influence your life more than anything else will? Mannerly Manners® is a leading etiquette source that teaches you topolish social skills with fun interactive activities. Discussion format, engaging and fun role-play to help you understand how to use the rules of manners to your advantage. Fee includes; breaks with snack and water, small class size, discussion format, individual attention, a reference manual, handouts to support lessons, a dessert meal for table manners, and a certificate of completion. More information at: www.mannerlymanners.com
  • The Mannerly Manners Club

    Penn State and Duke University research showed showed skills learned in early childhood are linked to success as young adults. It’s never too early to teach our children the ground rules of social etiquette. Mannerly Manners® a leading etiquette source supports family values and is designed specifically for active, early learners. Using engaging role-play activities, music, and puppets, children discover the value of using social skills. Your child will learn the basics of everyday manners, such as how and why it's important to be respectful of others, how to properly introduce yourself, table manners and much more. Fee includes a Mannerly Manners® Club Coloring Book, lots of handouts to help reinforce lessons, parent information packet with details of each lesson, Certificate of Completion, and a surprise gift for each student at graduation. More information at: www.mannerlymanners.com