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  • Homemade Chinese Egg Rolls for Beginners

    Come and join in this hands-on experience to prepare and taste Chinese traditional style egg rolls. This class is geared toward those who enjoy egg rolls and want to learn how they are prepared. Make room in your freezer, as everyone will bring plenty of egg rolls home! We will cover the types of wrappers used, a plethora of filling ideas, techniques on rolling, ways to cook, and how to serve. You’ll gain the talent of making them yourself instead of getting them only from take out, as well as an understanding of the various kinds of egg rolls that you can try on your own!Please bring a food container, and $15 supply fee payable to instructor at class.
  • Conversational Chinese for Beginners

    China is a leading economic power and becoming more important in today’s business world—and one in every five people on Earth speaks Chinese. If you encounter the language in your business, plan to visit China, or just want to learn some basic conversational Chinese, this beginner conversational class is perfect for you! Come and learn pin-yin, simple words, phrases and sentences in a fun atmosphere, and in a non-traditional way—using multiple smartphone apps and other multi-medias to study without textbooks. The last session can be held at a local restaurant to practice what you have learned with native speakers (meal cost additional) Join us and gain cultural and historical understanding, as well as receive a keepsake souvenir from the instructor.
  • Homemade Chinese Wontons & Potstickers for Beginners

    Easy, fun and delicious. Learn to make Chinese wontons and potstickers (or dumplings) at home. Learn wrap techniques and make tasty fillings, with the right texture and flavor. Boil, pan-fry or steam the finished products. Taste and take home samples to freeze.Please bring a food container, and $15 supply fee payable to instructor at class.