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Due to the situation with Covid-19 and physical distancing, we are excited to offer you many of our wonderful Hopkins Community Education courses in an online version throughout the weeks ahead. We will miss the camaraderie of face-to-face classes but will enjoy community with our instructors and students in this new online format.  See you in class!

Featured Courses

  • Instant Music Lessons - ONLINE!

    Have you always wanted to learn to play guitar or piano, but haven't had the time? Learn piano or guitar in no time at all with the Chords Are Key technique! Learn at your own pace with these online classes. Click below to preview how Chords Are Key can help! Chords are Key for Piano (Instant Piano) - Register ONLINE with Hopkins! Chords are Key for Piano by Ear (to register for this class, see information below) Chords are Key for Guitar (Instant Guitar) (to register for this class, see information below) Want to sign up? Email Ann at or call (952) 988-4070! A link to complete registration for Piano by Ear and Instant Guitar will be sent via email. These classes are $59, to be paid to Chords Are Key. These classes are online and students work at their own pace. No discounts.
  • Writers’ Workshop

    This writers’ workshop is designed to assist writers who are working, or beginning to work, on a specific creative writing project, including short stories, novels, and memoirs. Individual manuscripts will be critiqued by the instructor and fellow writers based on adherence to the seven principles of literary excellence: conflict, captivating story, compelling characters, emotion, mystery, artistic vision, and showing versus telling. Discuss techniques for writing powerful dialogue, and the effective use of emotive verbs to build compelling characters, similes, metaphors and side scenes. Discuss any other topic of concern as it pertains to your writing. All students must have a specific writing project in progress or ready in mind and must be committed to working on the project during the workshop. It is preferable to have completed Creative Writing 101 or have significant writing experience prior to enrolling in this course.