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  • Canine Health and Wellness: Nutrition, Enrichment & Building a Stronger Bond with your Dog

    Having a dog is different than it used to be. This course is ideal for those who are new to dog ownership or just want to learn the most current methods to promote longer life, better health, and more enrichment for their dog. INSTRUCTION OBJECTIVES: Attendees will learn how to cope with the “puppy blues,” whether pet insurance is worth the investment, understand how to choose a dog food and we will discuss fitness and enrichment ideas that go beyond the usual walk around the neighborhood.
  • Carlson's Lovable Llama Farm Tour

    Come meet the lovable and personable llamas at Carlson's Farm! A farmworker will give the group a guided tour where you will learn all about these gentle and very special animals. Hands-on activities will include mingling with the llamas, taking the llamas on a trail walk, brushing and feeding treats (provided) to the llamas, visiting the gift shop, and more. All ages and abilities welcome! *All participants age 1+ will need to register *Transportation will not be provided. The farm tour will take place at Carlson's Lovable Llama Farm, located at: 8380 County Rd 10 E, Waconia, MN 55387 and will take place rain or shine.
  • Declutter, Downsize, and Simplify

    Ready to simplify life and reduce stress? Moving to a smaller space? Learn how to responsibly deal with the excess “stuff” we accumulate and how to organize what’s left - including photographs, documents, and sentimental items. Lighten your load in life! This class will be held online, via Zoom.
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  • Dog Grooming: What You Can do at Home & When to Call the Professional

    A discussion of simple at-home tools and techniques to manage your dog’s fur whether it’s a long-haired breed that mats easily or a heavy shedder. INSTRUCTION OBJECTIVES: While not a substitute for professional grooming, attendees will learn what they should be doing for their dog at home in between visits to the professional groomer. Topic will cover bathing and brushing, and easy dental maintenance techniques.
  • Feline Health and Wellness: Getting the Most Out of Your Cat's Nine Lives

    Cats don’t ask for much, but there is so much potential to add years and enrichment to their lives. This seminar offers scientifically proven methods to maintain health and longevity for your feline friend. OBJECTIVES: can bond with your kitty, like outdoor leash walking, why you should never allow your cat to roam free outdoors. Other topics will include a discussion of healthy feeding, plant safety and the truth about essential oils.
  • Get Paid to Teach English in the USA & Overseas

    Learn how Gina has taught her way around the world & paid for vacations and travel to over 98 countries. Teaching English is a high paying career or simply a great way to go on vacation for free. English is the world’s business & travel language. Being able to speak English helps people get better paying jobs. If you speak English, you can teach conversational English! You don’t have to be certified or speak the local language. Make money from home by teaching English online. Earn a free vacation, 2-month paid summer job, or full-time work that earns up to $90K a year. Learn the best paying jobs, qualifications, certification programs & specific hiring organizations. Tuition includes instructors 70-page digital book (a $39.95 value).
  • Grooming Tips & Tricks for Cat Owners: Info for Every Breed and Coat Type

    Even short-haired cats need some grooming, but if you have a long-haired cat, there are game-changing tools & techniques to help you keep your cat in tip-top shape. INSTRUCTION OBJECTIVES: Attendees will learn how to prevent hairballs and tangled fur, how to bathe a cat, what shampoo to use and how nutrition affects skin & coat. We’ll also talk about when it’s time to throw in the towel and hire a professional groomer & what to expect from a pro.
  • How to Cut the Cable TV Cord

    Cable (or Satellite) television is the single most expensive utility for many households. Discover the many viewing options that are free or less expensive than cable. Discuss the pros and cons of cable, how to get internet without cable, how to get TV from your computer to your television, and more. Find out why and how thousands of TV watchers are ditching cable forever!
  • How to Travel Free & Safely During These Unparalleled Times

    We’re ready to get back to our travels! When it is safe to go on a trip, where can we go, how do we stay safe, and how do we make our travel free? Plus learn how to benefit from the deep travel discounts being offered right now to motivate you to book future travel in 2021 and 2022. If you are near retirement, changing careers, a student, or someone who likes the idea of making additional income to support your travel dream, this class is for you. World traveler Gina Henry shows you how she is prepared for the new “travel normal” including important tips on safety, trip insurance, what to do if you become sick, and other strategies. Earn free airline tickets, hotel nights, tours & more in the USA & worldwide! Volunteering, fun work-vacations, paid travel, teaching English, mystery shopping, importing/drop shipping, and remote employment opportunities. Tuition includes Gina’s 100-page digital book "How to Travel Free & Safely" (a $39.95 value).
  • How to be a Smart College Shopper

    Your student is getting ready for college. You saved your money. Is it enough? How to be a smart shopper! Learn where your student will fit best, academically, socially and financially. Which schools will offer your student the largest merit scholarships? How do you apply for grants and how does the FAFSA work? Get an education, not a debt! *Updated 9.10.21: This class will now be held online via Zoom.
  • Introduction To Uber

    Do you hate to drive in bad weather or when it's dark outside? Expand your transportation options and independence through the ride sharing service, Uber. In this training workshop, students will learn the basics and gain the knowledge on how to use Uber if needed. No experience required and training materials will be provided for each attendee. This class will meet online via Zoom. Online meeting information will be sent by instructor before class.
  • Journalist in Vietnam: My Brother’s Story

    The covert beginnings of US commitment to a war, the career of a young journalist at a time and place of terror, the bond between a brother and sister: these form the foundation of the story author Lucy Rose Fischer wanted to tell. Her brother, Jerry Rose, was a journalist in Vietnam in the early 1960s. Through published articles and photographs—including the first major article to be written about American troops fighting in Vietnam—Rose exposed the secret beginnings of America’s Vietnam War. His work would go on to be widely published and heralded as “war reporting that ranks with the best of Ernest Hemingway and Ernie Pyle.” Join Lucy Rose as she shares how and why she decided to ghost write her brother’s memoir—THE JOURNALIST: LIFE AND LOSS IN AMERICA’S SECRET WAR.
  • Know Your Somali Neighbor

    Join a lively discussion to learn about your Somali Neighbors: Their story, history, struggles, achievements, culture, faith, way of life and more. This event will provide you with a safe room to ask any related questions about your neighbor. We look forward to seeing you in our journey to break through any stereotypes and or misconceptions about each other and build a stronger community together.
  • Smartphone Photography

    Learn to take high quality and engaging photos with the camera you take everywhere. We will discuss the pros and cons of smartphone cameras and how to use them to create works of art instead of just snapshots. No previous photography experience necessary. Open to all brands and models of smartphones. This class will be held online, via Zoom.
  • So You Want to Be Anti-Racist?

    This six week virtual course is offered to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of what it means to be anti-racist. Participants will be given tools to engage in uncomfortable conversations, develop their racial literacy, and begin to unpack how race operates in their everyday lives often without consent and/or acknowledgement, all the while building the muscles to move into action!
  • The Secrets of Travel-Hacking: Free Air, Hotels & Cash Back

    You can earn hundreds of thousands of airline frequent flyer miles and hotel reward points without ever stepping foot on a plane or paying for a hotel and then redeem them for high-value trips. Flights and hotels are typically the most expensive part of your vacation budget. Gina will show you her easy "Beginner Strategy" then graduate you to more advanced strategies that earn you 1 million+ reward points a year. All the major reward programs will be detailed. Also learn tips for flying business and first class. Gina Henry, founder of Go Global, Inc, has been a professional traveler for over 26 years and earns 15 free airline tickets and dozens of free hotel nights each year. Tuition in includes instructors 70-page digital book "The Secrets of Traveling Hacking - Free Air, Hotels & Cash Back” (a $39.95 value).
  • Work Remotely & Become a Digital Nomad

    How to Create Your Money-Making Travel Lifestyle & Work Anywhere! Working remotely is now the thing. Why not add travel into the mix? Join thousands of individuals who are taking their work with them and hitting the road! You can make your travels sustainable by earning a living as you travel. Professional traveler Gina Henry has been doing this for years and shares her wealth of knowledge. Get the “how to” of living on the road including downsizing, putting your stuff in storage, getting your mail, how to have a “physical address”, the RV lifestyle, timeshares, international living, long-term rentals, housesitting, and more. Learn the best ways to set up your remote office and get quality wifi in your hotel, long-term rental, and out of your car or RV. Gina Henry founded Go Global, Inc. 26 years ago and has been location independent and working remotely for the past six years traveling year round. Tuition includes instructors 70-page digital book "Work Remotely and Become a Digital Nomad” (a $39.95 value).