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  • ECFE Infant Tummy Time & Massage

    One Day Event: INFANT MASSAGE & PURPOSEFUL PLAY - For infants birth to 6-8 months or pre-crawling. Kara Quist, Pediatric Physical Therapist and Certified Infant Massage Instructor (Therapist for 20+ years & breastfeeding counselor) Benefits of Infant massage and play: *tummy comfort- reflux, gas, and constipation * body awareness *relief of congestion *visual development/ midline skills *sensory system organization *relaxation for baby and parent * reduce the risk of head shape issues * midline head posture for visual development * infant development ideas for play and interaction. Class Registration Required - Register infants and add up to 2 adults to attend with infants - For infants birth to 6-8 months or pre-crawling. ********Sibling Care EMAIL REQUEST REQUIRED - Send email to or call (952) 988-5000
  • Puberty 101, what you didn’t learn in 4th grade

    As a parent/caregiver, you are your child’s first and most important sexuality educator. This session is designed to give parents/caregivers the information they need to guide their children through puberty with confidence. We will talk about what to expect with puberty, how to talk to your child about the changes they are going through, and what questions you might want to ask your children’s school. We will also have time to answer any questions you may have. This class is for parents/caregivers of children age birth to third grade. Chose between an in person or virtual gathering. Childcare is not available.
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  • Regulation Tools for Caregivers

    Are you struggling with your child’s dysregulation or meltdowns? Maybe you have tried following all the standard parenting advice and are still feeling like it's not enough. Would you like more tools for how to support them in these moments? Join us as we talk about supporting child regulation as caregivers. Bring your questions, connect with other caregivers, and leave with some tools and resources. This event is for caregivers of kids ages birth-5 Childcare is not available.