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  • Advanced Minecraft: Command Block

    New Class! Get ready to wire up your Minecraft worlds with Command Blocks and Redstone! Even if you're a seasoned Minecraft pro, there's plenty for you to learn. From basic traps to powered machines, Redstone offers Minecraft players a whole new range of opportunities to create amazing things. Minecrafts’s Command Block is a Psuedo-programming language that consist of logic and execution written in text. We'll learn to spawn creatures, teleport over all your world, and make multiplayer games. Please bring a drink & snack daily.Click Here to fill out the Emergency Form and for Bus information.
  • Minecraft Movie Making

    Minecraft is the game phenomenon focused on creativity and building, allowing players to build environments out of textured cubes in a 3D virtual world. Working in pairs, students will be introduced to Minecraft in real life with our customized Legos, and finally, film a stop motion movie using Minecraft-inspired Lego creations. The focus will be on creating Minecraft-inspired Lego worlds and filming. Please bring a drink & snack daily.Click Here to fill out the Emergency Form and for Bus information.
  • Extreme Robotics: EV3 Battlebots

    New Class with new builds and challenges! Combining the versatility of the LEGO building system and the Mindstorms EV3(the most sophisticated microcomputer brick ever made by LEGO), this camp will energize and excite students. Working each day in teams, students will construct fun LEGO models, experiment with programs, and compete in robotic challenges. Robot building, block programming, and teamwork will be part of each day’s activities. Final challenges will be centered around target hitting and a sumo battle. Please bring a drink & snack daily.Click Here to fill out the Emergency Form and for Bus information.
  • Robotic Builders

    Yes, We CAN learn about Robotics! With the LEGO™ WeDo Robotics System, young children can build and program their robotic creations. Designed by the experts at MIT, this unique system teaches children about simple machines, engineering, programming and so much more. Young imaginations soar! The LEGO® Education WeDo™ Robotics Builder, allows students to explore different Robotic Themes. Possible models may include Dancing Birds, Hungry Alligator Robot, Goal Kicker Robot, Rescue Plane, and a Smart Spinner Robot. Students working in teams will work with simple machines, program models they design and create, measure time and distance, write, and much more! Your students will build LEGO models featuring working motors, tilt sensors, motion detectors, and Lego USB Robotics Hub. Please bring a drink & snack daily.Click Here to fill out the Emergency Form and for Bus information.
  • Extreme Robotics: Battlebots

    Super-Charged NXT LEGO Robotics Projects! Get ready to take ultimate control!  Using the NXT Intelligent brick from LEGO®, servo motors, advanced ultrasonic, touch and light sensors, and specialized Lego technic engineering components, students will build extreme robots and overcome challenges. Students working in small teams will control the robot with NXT programs and then can experiment and modify the programs. Students will then be challenged to morph their projects in better, stronger or faster robots. Possible competitive robots built are Tug-O-War bots, hammer-bot, a claw-striker, and Sumo-bot.Please bring a drink & snack daily.
  • Advanced Minecraft Mods: Industrial Revolution

    This course introduces students to a whole new world of possibilities in Minecraft. Learn to tame the world of Minecraft by creating automated factories.Students will use mods such as Thermal Explansion, Mine Factory, Industrial Craft to make automated factories.This class is for the intermediate to advanced Minecraft players. Please bring a drink & snack daily.
  • Windows 10

    Gain hands-on experience with Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system. Learn how to locate programs and files on your computer. Learn how to maximize the use of the Start Menu, the Taskbar, and Windows Explorer. Customize your computer’s look and set up the Start Menu and Taskbar to meet your needs. Practice setting up a filing system with folders for your photos and documents, copying and moving files and folders, and deleting files, and recovering deleted files. Take a tour of Settings to see the options available for personalizing the computer, using accessibility functions, and keeping your information private. Walk away with a better mastery of your computer.
  • Game Coding: Tower Defense

    It’s your move next!  Defend your base from waves of enemies! Students will create a web-based strategy game.The player will create towers along the road to their base to hold waves of bad guys. Student will create their Tower Defense Style game using a construct 2, a visual coding platform that teaches student the basics and structure of programming. Bring a USB drive, snacks and drink each day.
  • Lego Robotics Wild Animals

    Do you love LEGOS? Do you think building things and working on the computer is fun? Then this is the class for you! You will be able to build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors; then program the models and watch them follow your commands. Explore and develop your skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics during hands on class. Build an alligator, lion, and bird; then program them to come to life using Lego WeDo software.