3-5 Year Olds & Parents
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  • Introduction to Stringed Instruments for the Very Young

    Introduction to Stringed Instruments for the Very Young:  Parent-Child, taught by Alison Swiggum, high school orchestra teacher Little ones will be introduced to stringed instruments and music instruction.  Based on the Suzuki Violin Method, this course for parent and child will include clapping rhythms, listening and moving to music, and making a foot chart to learn about how to stand when playing the violin. Each family will make a box violin and learning how to hold the violin. Demonstrations by young children who already play stringed instruments will be included in this course.
  • 3-5 Year Olds & Parents

    It is so exciting to see your child exploring his growing independence!  In these once-a-week classes, you will have time with your child during the first portion of the class.  Then, you and your child will separate into different classrooms.  Her preschool classroom gives her opportunities with social skills, reading, art, stories, science, and more.  Your child will discover rich and varied learning stations that will engage him while developing school-readiness skills.Meanwhile, parents have the opportunity to develop strong connections with other parents.  You'll learn strategies to support your child’s readiness for kindergarten, and the licensed parent educator will discussions on your hot topics, such as sibling rivalry, healthy communication, setting limits, and more.