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  • uPlan College Planning Strategies Workshop

    Our goal is to help families of high schoolers in the Hopkins community figure out how best to save on the cost of college, regardless of what they have / have not been able to save up to this point.Although the financial aspect of college planning is important, we also emphasize strategies for admissions, college selection, and academics as equally important.You will learn:• The importance of incorporating a threefold approach to college planning: integrating academic, admissions, and financial strategies• How your child can stand out from the crowd when applying to college• The “magic of six” concept that makes it a financial necessity to apply to at least six different colleges• Why ACT/SAT preparation courses can be more beneficial than applying for scholarshipsThe workshop is designed for all high school families with a special emphasis on those with students in their Sophomore and Junior years. Students are welcomed, but not required to attend along with their parents, grandparents, or others that support the student’s academic goals.
  • Exceptional Parenting: Supporting Your Exceptional Kids Through Transitions

    Do you have kids switching to a new school, going to college, moving, or going through major life changes (moving, divorce, illness)? Transitions raise risk for children and teens. Learn what is normal kid stress and what is too much. This seminar is designed for Families Impacted by Exceptionalism. Parenting kids with Giftedness and/or Learning Difficulties (or both) requires parents to be exceptional themselves in how they parent. Learn pitfalls to avoid and opportunities to support your exceptional kids around transitions in their lives. This course is designed for parents of children in grades K-12.