Chess Club at Meadowbrook

Challenge your mind, learn new skills and make new friends. Develop creativity, concentration, memory, and both critical and analytical thinking by playing practice and tournament chess games. Beginning students will learn chess by understanding each piece and move, as well as basic positioning. Experienced players will learn typical openings, mid-game strategy, and new tactics. Amaze your friends and impress your opponents after taking chess from Coach Igor. Meadowbrook Chess Club is for all levels of chess ability, from beginning to experienced (grades 3-6). Kindergarten-2nd grade players are also invited to join Meadowbrook Chess Club if they already know how to play chess and have some playing experience.

This club relies on parent volunteers each week.

Igor Rybakov

Igor Rybakov started playing chess in school as a young boy in his native Belarus. He started teaching chess and checkers to children in Russia over 30 years ago. When he arrived in the United States in 2001, he began teaching chess to students at Hopkins Public Schools and other surrounding west metro areas. In 2010, he was named "Best Chess Coach in Minnesota." Igor believes that chess is "good training for the brain" and is a great team sport that increases a student's logical and strategic thinking abilities. Igor is very excited about the Hopkins Chess Program, where there are a large number of girls playing chess, too, in a sport that has often been dominated by boys.

  Igor Rybakov

Meadowbrook Elementary School : 146
Fridays, Sep 27 - Dec 20
8:30 - 9:30 AM

  No Class Oct 18, Nov 29 & Dec 13


Grades   K - 6th

Fewer than 5 spots left

Price: $ 99 00