Emergency Form for Camp Royal

Each Camp Royal participant will need to fill out an emergency form. This form will provide Camp Royal staff with important information regarding your student in case of an emergency. Simply register for the class below and fill out the questions. A parent or guardian will need to sign off on the following waivers:

Accident Waiver:  In case of serious accident, injury or illness, I hereby authorize staff of Hopkins Public Schools to call 911 BEFORE notifying me, and to administer necessary first aid. If an ambulance is necessary, I understand that Hopkins Public Schools will not be held responsible for any costs that this may incur. 

Behavior Waiver: I understand that my child will need to follow all the rules of Camp Royal and demonstrate the same behavior they would in school.  I understand that if my child cannot follow the rules of Camp Royal, they may need to be picked up from camp for the day and/or will need to have a discussion with the Camp Director.

Sunscreen Waiver: I will put sunscreen on my child before they arrive at camp if they are scheduled for an outside class. I permit staff to apply sunscreen to my child as needed. 

Late Fee Policy: I understand that there is a late fee of $1 per minute for pick ups after 12:30 pm for AM-only campers and after 5:00 pm for PM-only or all day campers. 

Photography Policy: I am aware that photographs of my child may be taken and used to promote Hopkins Community Education programs. If I do not want my child's photo taken, I will need to call the Community Education office at 952-988-4070. 

If your child needs medication distributed to them while attending Camp Royal, you will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork found on the district website. Click Here to be redirected to the website.  

If you have any questions about the emergency form, please contact Jen Kopischke at 952-988-4078.

YS18-Emergency Form

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