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Developing Your Intuition

Adult / Health & Wellness -
Adult Fall 2021

Think you're not Intuitive? Think again! Each one of us is born with an innate sensitivity to the world of energy within and around us. By learning how to pay attention to and trust the subtle impressions we all get, we can gain amazingly accurate insights into the questions of our lives and the lives of others. During this five-week course, you will build confidence in your natural abilities through engaging, skill-building exercises and will practice exchanging healing and empowering messages with your classmates. Come experience the freedom and fun of opening to your inner gifts as you grow in your spiritual connection.

Jesse Wicher

Jesse Wicher is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, gifted Healer, Psychic and Intuitive Counselor and Holistic Educator. Jesse is Founder and President of Holistic Arts, an online metaphysical and self-growth practice. For over 18 years he has operated a yearly school, along with facilitating holistic interest groups, that have helped thousands of people to open up to their own healing, intuitive and spiritual gifts. Jess has presented holistic seminars to both national and international groups and leads annual spiritual tours and retreats around the world. 

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  Jesse Wicher

Online : Online Classroom
Thu Sep 30 & Thu Oct 28
6:00 - 8:00 PM


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