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Engage Your Own Computer Trainer

Adult / Computer -
Adult Fall 2021

Here's your chance to spend one-on-one time with a computer instructor who can help you reach your personal or professional goals! Our experienced, patient trainers can meet you in your home, office, or at our computer lab. Sessions are scheduled at your convenience. Topics are based on your needs. Beginners are welcome! Sessions are 1.5 hours. Please call 952-988-4070 for scheduling. 

Sharon Teresa Walbran

Sharon has been teaching for Hopkins Community Education for two decades. After earning her Master's degree, Sharon did cytogenetic research at the University of Minnesota. Her interest in computers began when the first personal computers came on the market in the early 80s. She learned to use her first computer for writing projects she was working on -- and she was hooked. She completed the MIS program at the University of Minnesota.

She found she enjoyed helping others learn how to use computer programs so teaching seemed a natural career path. She likes teaching adults in Community Education because the students have chosen to be there and are excited about learning new skills. Because Sharon also works on computer projects for area businesses, she can show the students practical applications for software programs in the workplace.

In addition to teaching classes at Eisenhower Community Center, Sharon is one of Hopkins Community Education's Personal Computer Trainers where she works one-on-one with individual students in a location of their choice.

When she is not teaching Sharon loves to travel. On recent trips she has visited Argentina, Mexico, and France. She enjoys photography and always carries a digital camera with her so she doesn't miss a photo opportunity. She is also always learning, whether it's the new features of the latest version of a computer program or improving her Spanish skills.

What students are saying
"Sharon was so clear in her explanations. I never got lost and we so pleased to really feel like I could begin to use the software. "

"I highly recommend Sharon for one-on-one training. She was patient and knowledgeable as I worked on becoming more proficient with Microsoft Word. "

"Sharon is a great teacher for any inexperienced student."


  Sharon Teresa Walbran

$ 59.00
per person